Sunday, February 22, 2009

They are here!! The canvases!; Linden Michigan Photographer

Here is a picture of my much anticipated 24x36 Canvases!! I am still waiting on the one of Kade, which should be here this week and I will post a picture again. Kyle is standing next to his ( looking less then thrilled, or maybe trying to be a cool 10 1/2 yr old)

I am certainly in love with these, not only because they are my children and my own work but it is just amazing looking at how large they are. I am so glad I decided not to go smaller.

I realize not everyone has wall space like this, but man if you do, take advantage and go large. I will have to post a comparison on sizes, I have some canvases of Karli that are 11x14 and 16x20, they look teeny compared to these!!

Canvases are also in investment, they are not cheap but are exquisite works of art. Timeless comes to mind, they will last forever.

Oh and just for fun, I posted a picture of these Yummy blueberry muffins I made today. I am not a product photographer, but the picture looks pretty nice! The muffins were the best recipe I have ever tried. I got the recipe off Allrecipes so if you want it you can find it here

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Jessica D. said...

swwweeeaaat! Love them. I've wanting to go large for some. Your right, more expensive. Or should I say an investment! It definitely puts a smile on your room.