Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One more of Miss "S" & Casting Call for March;Michigan Newborn Photographer

I just had to share this lovely picture of Miss "S" from last week. People always ask why it is so important to try to get sleepy shots, of course it is be cause they are so cute but also because newborns that are awake generally have flailing arms, crossed eyes and want to eat!

Miss "S" was wide awake when we started so I first wrapped her up tight and took some pictures of her awake, luckily her eyes were not crossed and she was almost look at us!

On a side note.... I still have some openings for the newborn casting call in March!

If you are expecting call or email me ASAP! You will receive a complimentary session ( 125.00 value), an 11x14 print ( 100.00 value) !

Minimum order of 350.00 is required. Additional discounts are being offered as well. Contact me to find out!

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