Saturday, January 26, 2008

A day in the Life Sessions and Marshmellow Soup..

I just had to share some really cute pictures of my daughter and her friend having a Tea Party. Sorry if you guys are bored of looking at her! It is a slow time of the year for all photographers so you have to see her! LOL

I promise to have some other pictures soon, I am looking forward to a sweet 9month old session next week!

On with the pictures!!~ YUMMY Marshmallow Soup is what these little girls were making LOL. Isn't it amazing how girls just know how to have little tea parties and become mommies?

These are just sweet snapshots, but any " Day in the Life" sessions can certainly have Tea Parties in your home!

What is a "Day in the Life" session? Well basically it is a session that documents your family, children, pets, in your home. This session would not be all day but a few hours at least!
I would come and photograph you just doing your family things. We might go in your bedrooms, photograph your children jumping on their beds (wow!), playing with their toys, wrestling with Daddy. The hub of the house is usually the kitchen so we could photograph your kids helping mommy bake something, or doing a craft.

These kind of sessions really are about you as a family. They are not posed, although we may do some with everyone on the couch, they are meant to document your lives exactly how they are now. In 5 years from now you will hardly remember the funny way he crinkles his nose when he smiles, or the way your daughter wanted to wear that pink skirt and red tights EVERYDAY for two weeks! But we can catch those moments and record them for you to remember.

I would want you to show me special items in your house that mean something to you, I may photograph them, you may not always be in the pictures.

A Day in the Life session is a very special time to just be you! So call me or email me to book your session and start recording those memories NOW before it is too late.
Special***** Book a "Day in the Life" Session in February or March and receive a complimentary Mini Accordion 3x3 Album. Perfect to toss in your purse and brag about your kids!

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