Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Saving Grace - A new book by Cheryl Lee Harper

I wanted to share with you a wonderful new book that has recently been published by a friend of mine. It is called "My Saving Grace" by Cheryl Lee Harper. She is an amazing mother and wife that has written about her life experiences to help others. I have known Cheryl since High School and I am so proud to see the path's she has taken in her life, she is truly an inspiration to all of us. If you are a mother with children, trying to make it through your daily life, you need to read her book. Congratulations Cheryl!!

You can purchase her book here

An short summary :

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by life's every day circumstances? Has your identity and personal dreams been sacrificed in marriage. Have you ever lost sight of who you are as you struggle to meet the daily demands of motherhood? If you have experienced any of these emotions, you need to read this book. Let me share my story with you on how I came to realize that "life is not fair — it's how you handle it that counts."

We wake up every morning with expectations of what the day will bring. We juggle work, kids, appointments and everything else that comes in between. Through her own personal struggles, this mother has come to realize that LIFE is what happens while we're busy making our own plans.

The world will always spin you out of control if you let it.If you can't be certain of the things around you, then reachout and take hold of what you can. Consider the fact that interruption in our day is just God's way of saying "Hello, remember Me?". Fill your heart and mind with a simple truth that will never change. While facing unexpected challenges, it is more than evident, that life is not fair —it's how you handle it that counts.

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Thanks for sharing!!! I definitely want to check this out!!!