Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lost Cameras, memory cards and Backing up your Pictures!

Have you ever gone on a trip or a vacation and the dreaded happens? You lose your camera, or even your usb stick or memory card?
Do you ever wonder if anyone ever finds these things and how would you ever be lucky enough to recover those memories?

Well check out this blog

You might just find pictures of your trip there!! Pass that blog along, maybe someone you know lost their pictures once and if you find something well let them know too!

On a similar note.... How many of you ( like me) have now gone completly digital and have all of your photos on your computer? The digital age has kind of made us lazy as far as making sure our memories are backed up.
Because of my business I burn images to DVD, back them up on an external harddrive and am now backing them up a third time using an online service.
We want to believe it could never happen to us, our computer would never fail us but they do and you never know when it will happen. Even your external harddrives are not fool proof. Make sure to back up copies of all of your precious photos so you won't have to sit there someday wishing you had.
You can sign up here at MOXY to get a FREE online storage account of 2GB.


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Thanks Natalie! I signed up!

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