Sunday, October 5, 2008

Newborn Session in Swartz Creek ; Michigan Photographer

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful 9 day old newborn baby girl in Swartz Creek, MI! She was soo precious, I loved holding her. Like most newborns she was awake when I got there ( I think they all know I am coming !)

We had a little ordeal of pooping and peeing and feeding ( all normal by the way) and finally we decided to just start taking some pictures with her awake. I have never had such a sweet awake baby. She would just lay and let me move her around.

Of course eventually after a few hours she got wore out and fell asleep for us!! Thank you so much Lisa! I am sure you are going to love all the other pictures we got from this session!


Christina said...

so sweet!! she has the cutest lips!! great pics, as always!

Lisa Crawford said...

Natalie - I am soooooo happy you came out to take pictures of my little angel! You did such a beautiful job so far!! I'm totally in love with the fur pic! Little Lexi is still being a stinker and not pooping!! Thank you again for coming out and visiting with us - i am sure we will see you again down the road - because i love your work!