Friday, September 26, 2008

6 week Baby Session ; Linden Michigan Photographer

I love that I am getting more calls for newborn sessions! I adore babies, and well like I said before my husband says we are done lol. So I need to get a baby fix once in awhile!

This week I was so honored to photograph Miss "B" and her parents. This session was a gift to Nicole from her fellow teachers. ( ** what a great baby shower gift!)

We had planned on photographing the baby within the first week of her life but we were not able to.
Miss "B" was born with no soft palate, a jaw that was too far back and her tongue was blocking her airway. She has already had surgery to move the jaw forward ( she has screws behind her ears to turn and move it forward).
Her parents told me that she did amazing with the surgery and will have to have 2 more surgeries.

I saw the pictures of her at birth, and I just have to say that doctors can do amazing things. You cannot even tell that her jaw was too far back now. Miss "B" is such a beautiful baby, she has big eyes and long legs and fingers.

She has loving parents that will help to guide her into a beautiful young lady. It was such a joy to do this session. I love having parents willing to move furniture, try something out of the ordinary or use items from their home.

Miss "B"'s daddy plays softball and so we had to try to get that into the pictures. We put her in the mitt and had dad hold her, I think it turned out cute.

My favorite by far ( as I LOVE a little bit creative lol) is the picture of her laying on the clock.

I saw that huge clock on the wall and casually mentioned I had seen a picture of a newborn on a clock before. They were all for it!

Here are some sneak peeks. I know you are anxious to see them all and I promise to work hard to get your gallery ready!!


Heidi said...

Great job on these... you can just feel the love in that family picture!

Zia's Photography said...

I LOVE the clock photo! Great idea.