Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A small Wedding...

So I know I am a terrible blogger. I am so sorry! I just get so caught up in sessions, editing, my kids, laundry ( UM NOT).

I don't advertise that I even will do weddings but will take on a few a year if they are referred to me. A couple of weeks ago I photographed a small wedding for a family friend. Sarah and her husband were so sweet and evn though this was a fast wedding, it turned out beautiful. The whole family & loads of friends helped to throw it all together and you would never have known that it was planned in a few weeks.

So I am long overdue for a sneak peek but here are a few from the wedding.
I am working hard on your wedding pictures and will have them done in a few weeks!

This first picture was taken by my assistant~ She did a great job!! Thank you Amanda!

One of my best friends Kelly, her little girl is standing right in front of her. She is such a spitting image of her older sister.

Isn't this beautiful? A family friend whipped this up, went out and bought all these rose bushes just for this. Great job I would say!!

Can you say YUM? This cake and cupcakes looked divine! Dang I forgot to get one before I left LOL!

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mindy said...

AMAZING!!! The wedding couldn't have been anymore beautiful and you really captured it! Thanks so much Natalie, and Amanda...another great job! Mindy