Monday, May 26, 2008

Highland Games & Karli's Competition

Wow what a beautiful weekend we had! Saturday my family and my parents drove up to Alma, Michigan for the Highland Festival .

Our family is Scottish and very proud of it too lol. Really we are Scottish, my grandmother's parents came from Scotland over to Australia.

My daughter started taking Highland dance lessons when she was 3 years old and this year she finally went to her first competition.

We were so excited for her! I was not worried about her getting up on the platform in front of everyone, she loves the attention. I was more concerned that she might mess up and get upset ( very stubborn!).

However she went up to do her first dance of Pas de bas and stood so tall and perfect! She did great and her father and I had tears in our eyes!

Next she went up to do her Pas de bas and Hi cuts. Again she did wonderful and it was so exciting to see her up there at 4 1/2 years old!

We enjoyed watching the Highland Games while waiting for the Awards ceremony. Boy those men are strong!

For Primary dancers under 7, they all receive a participation award which is all we really expected for Karli. I was taking pictures like a mad woman and my husband was video taping a little ways down from me. All of the Primary dancers, I think there were about 26 lined up and received little stuffed animals as their participation award. It was so cute to see them standing there. They were then escorted off the platform and the announcer called out numbers ( which are on their kilts) to come up to the platform again. I heard 113 and quickly looked down at my husband with delight thinking she had placed in a dance!! We were so excited!

Karli ended up getting 6th place in Pas de bas and 3rd place in Pas de bas and Hi cuts!! How exciting it was for us to see her place in her first competition!!

The studio she dances with, Hodgkin Highlanders had several dancers who received awards that day! Miss Holly was so happy!!

Here are some photographs from the competition, Please note that I am not an event photographer!!! lol Karli is the one with the 113 on her kilt.

This is before the competition, of course you can tell she is like "MOM, ANOTHER PICTURE?".

This is when the girls are getting ready to go up to get their participation awards.

This is when they received their metals for placing.

Miss Holly's Primary dancers.

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