Friday, March 7, 2008

Making Lists & Accomplishing them!

Today I had every intention of getting a list of things done for my business. I have been making a list every morning of things that I want to accomplish during the day from errands, to business calls, editing, laundry, you name it. This has really been helping me accomplish things! I used to do this a long time ago but then stopped and as a mother with 3 kids I usually feel like I never accomplish anything!

Two weeks ago my 6 yr old , Kade came home with a flyer for a chess tournament at school. He passionately told me he wanted to play, yet he did not know how to play chess. I admit I was very hesitant but my husband said to sign him up. So for the last two weeks my husband has been teaching Kade to play chess. He picked it up quite fast too!

The day arrived, the chess tournament! I was excited for Kade but also dreading sitting in a room with other parents for 4 hours. To top it off I had Kyle and Karli with me as well!! Thus my extensive planning of things to work on today. I had my list, my supplies, magazines, etc to work on while we were there.

Do you think I did any of it? Heck no~~ I talked to other parents the whole time! LOL

One of the items on my list was to share pictures from a session I did a few weeks ago. Here is Mr."D", he is 4 months old and such a cutie.

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Jayme Tighe said...

Love those cheeks! Great images, Natalie.