Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Highland Dancing Debut..

Just a little background on my family today :). My grandmother is from Australia. She met my grandpa during the war and became a war bride. Her parents were from Scotland. She grew up with a family of Highland Dancers and Bag Pipers. Her brothers held high positions in Bag Piping for years.

Grandma moved here to the States with my grandpa and had 5 children of her own. My uncle was a bag piper and my mother as well as my aunts danced. My Aunt Heather was the one that was most dedicated and talented. My grandparents would drive to Detroit to take her to lessons.
She held many Championship titles and even went to Scotland to compete.

As a child I also took lessons from my Aunt Heather, but I was never dedicated lol. I did compete in Alma and danced in various other places though. I always knew that if I had a daughter some day she would dance as well.

When Karli was born I tracked down a friend, Holly Hodgkin who took dance from my Aunt and is now an teacher herself. She is a wonderful Highland Dance teacher and has a studio in her home. You can find Highland Dance Teachers here http://mwhda.com/Teachers.aspx

Karli started at age 3 and has been taking lessons now for about a year and a half. At this age they learn a lot of large motor skills like skipping and jumping which lays the foundation for the dance steps.

Anyways!! This Sunday at the Fenton Expo, Karli danced in public for the 1st time!! It was all of about 5 minutes but it was soo exciting. I was afraid she would cry or run off, no way she LOVED the attention!! She thought it was a competition and wondered where her trophy was lol. We have decided she can enter a few competitions this year, since we know she likes it so much!!

So here are a few pics, just mom snapshots, I was so excited to just take a few pics of her.

PS. Only 7 more days to enter the Fresh Faces Contest!!!


kristie kulik said...

oh my goodness, could she be any cuter?????!!!!

Alisha Robertson said...

That is so flippin cute! Love that you and your family participated in the same type of dancing. So cool.

Ali said...

Awesome Love the dancing!