Sunday, November 4, 2007

A special Family

Oh I remember the days when I had my first child, I often think back to when I had Kyle and think "why the heck did I spoil it with more kids ?" LOL. No honestly I LOVE all 3 of my kids to pieces but there is just something so special about your first. Kind of like your first kiss, you first car, your first job .... um maybe not job lol.

I was so excited to photograph this amazing family and their first child. The mom has been my middle son's teacher last year and this year. I just love her, she is a very talented and patient woman! I think Kade has a special place in her heart too which totally bring me to tears! Yes I am a bit sappy!!

Ok on to the sneaks! So this is the adorable Miss "S" and we love her red peacoat!!! She had a blast at the park today and we managed to get some nice shots of her and mom and dad too. Thanks for a great session!!


n said...

WOW!! waht a great looking family!!> I love that little red coat.

Shores Photography said...

this child is so friggin cute!