Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Senior, a Trophy and a broken down truck?

Yesterday I met this really nice senior Mr. "M" and his mom. We started out taking some pics in a nice area with leaves then moved onto a fabulous spot! I was so excited to find this cool area to take pics with the metal barn and weeds! I know I am a little crazy lol.
Mr. "M" got this great trophy ( in the pic) from his school which I am told is quite an honor. He is a football player and they don't always give this out, but he was the guy who received it this year for courage and leadership among other great qualities. His mom was soo proud of him!

Oh and then when we take pics in the fabulous new area, my um truck does not start. Thanks for trying to jump it, and well when my hubby and I came back later to fix it we discovered it was the fuel pump so we had to have it towed.
I appreciate the drive home!!!

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