Sunday, October 28, 2007

Meet the "G" Family

Last weekend I had some sessions with a few families and I am finally getting a few minutes to share a few. I just love this family. I think they are like one of my biggest fans lol.
I did their older daughter's senior pics this year and had a blast. So last week I got to meet the rest of the family!
I have to say that you can tell how much fun they have together. Mr. & Mrs. "G" have been together since they were 19 & 20 and let me tell you , you can feel the love!! In a good way lol.
They were constantly laughing, joking around and just plain having a good time. I hope my husband and I can keep our relationship that light by the time our kids go thru puberty and everything else!!

The day was like a normal Fall day, with a bit of chill and some wind but we managed to get some great shots with some golden color. Thanks so much you guys for being some of my best customers!! I just loved getting to know you more.

Something silly lol!


n said...

This is a great session. I would love to have you do pics of me and my daughters!! I love the happiness/love you captured in these awesome photos!!

Photography by Sabreena said...

Nat, oh my gosh! These are such great family photos! Beautiful work!