Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twin 4m babies & My best friends girls.

Ha! Today is like blog history for me, posting 3 times lol. I had a wonderful session on Friday with a great family and their 4 month old twins. Look at these cuties! I love their big blue eyes and they could not be more different!! Mr. C is full of energy and will be quite the mover when he starts to crawl, while his sister Miss "E" is content to just sit and gaze at everyone!
Thank so much for having me photograph your babies!

I also photographed one of my best friends girls, these are just two of them but aren't they beautiful?

I remember when the oldest was not even born yet! I have pictures of her and Kyle when they were little playing. Time goes so fast!

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Patti said...

Beautiful images. There's nothing like twins is there? And the girls are to cute...