Monday, August 4, 2008

Yummy Sweet Corn

While I am taking a quick break from editing I thought I would post a candid shot of my daughter I took yesterday. She LOVES sweet corn and LOVES BUTTER.

I just love this time of year, the farms out here where we live have the best corn. We actually think Eichelbergs corn is the BEST EVER!

So, go out and get some yummy corn!! OK back to work for me!


Tisha said...

wow the color in this pic is so vivid, it makes me want corn!

Anonymous said...

I am in the airport in Detroit and started laughing out loud when I opened your site and saw that pic! Everyone was staring at me! I love that pic though! A little too much butter for my liking, but I love Karli sooooooo much!


Kate said...

I want a piece!!!LOL! Very cute!