Sunday, June 22, 2008

A few sneaks from my sessions

As promised here are some sneaks from two sessions I have had in the past two weeks. The first one was an adorable family session. The first picture here is actually my son Kyle's teacher and her nieces. Isn't she cute?!
Then of course Miss "v", who LOVES the camera, can you tell?
I loved the next picture, I caught dad kissing his little baby. ( So Precious!)
Oh and then of course, the last one this cute little girl!! She was a mover but super sweet.

This next session was a large family. There were 4 families and grandma. We had a great time, the family was big but willing to do some fun things!

Don't you just LOVE this. I had the grandkids jumping before this, and casually mentioned that maybe the adults wanted to. ( I didn't think they would take me up on it) But they did and it was hilarious. Nothing better then jumping with your sibilings!!

This landing cracks me up. I love how they are just rolling in laughter and of course putting their hands out to prevent a fall!

Things are getting quite busy here at Natalie B Photography. Usually orders take about 2 weeks ( most of the time earlier). I am expecting orders to be up to 3 weeks at this point. The senior season is off and running as well as several family sessions.
If you are interested in a session contact me as soon as you can July is booking up and I am now taking sessions for August.

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Kate said...

Great job! These are really wonderful! Your colors look fantastic!