Sunday, March 2, 2008

My two sons, getting to know them.

I really do have three kids, any of my photographer friends, or online might not believe me though since they usually only see pictures of my daughter Karli.
I know that it appears I am not the best mommy at getting pictures of all of my kids! I swear I do have tons of pictures of my oldest, Kyle and almost as many of my middle son Kade. However now that they are older they are harder to photograph. I have used up all my photographing privileges with them lol. Now it is just a few minutes here, a few there that I try to sneak in. This summer I plan to take some time out for each of the boys and do a session just with them.
The first picture is my son Kade, he is 6 1/2 and wants to be Darth Vader when he grows up. He is my middle child, my sensitive, moody, brilliantly smart child.

He seems so different now then when he was a baby, he was attached to my hip at all times, I used to say if he could crawl back in the womb he would! Now I can hardly get a kiss or a hug from this big guy but I do know he loves me, especially when he gets so excited to share with me some new discovery or something he has learned.

The 2nd picture is of my oldest son Kyle, he is 9 1/2. WOW I cannot believe how time goes by, it just seems like yesterday that Gary and I got married and started talking about a family!
Kyle was the best baby, he was a big 9 lbs 14 oz, bundle of joy. He ate, slept and played on a schedule. All a first time mom could not have asked for more! little did I know God was preparing me for the other two kids....
Kyle loves to fish, hunt, play basketball and spend time with his dad. He is also sensitive, the nicest guy around girls, wonderful with his little sister and generally a happy guy. He does have my mood swings though poor guy lol but all in all he is so sweet.

Well that is a little bit about my two special guys. I hope to share more about my life this year on my blog as well as the clients I photograph.
Have a great weekend!

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