Monday, March 3, 2008

Cleaning and another cute little boy

Well it is Monday morning, I am sitting at my desk now moved into the family room! Over the weekend my husband and I watched the show
Home Made Simple

My husband was totally inspired to start cleaning and organizing our house. Yippee! We are not messy by but have a serious problem for putting things in the right places. I loved how the show talked about the family working together to accomplish a task. Get the family on board!! They would choose a task like cleaning out the refrigerator and set the timer to 20min, then all work to get it done.

So watching this inspiring show, my husband and kids and I cleaned our living room, moved a book shelf to our bedroom, sorted books and magazines for a garage sale and moved my computer and desk into the family room so I could be with them when I am working on clients pictures. It was an amazing sense of accomplishment to get it all done and to wake up this morning to a clean room! Now just to start on another room this weekend. One room at a time!

By the way the contest entries are coming in like crazy, I am so excited to have so many entries!! You have 14 more days so keep telling your friends to send in their pictures of their kids!
Here is a cute little boy, his mom Erin sent his picture in late last night!

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