Monday, October 8, 2007

Blazing heat and a star quarterback!

Here is a little tidbit about me you may not know..... I know nothing about football! Yes, I know it is pretty sad and my husband would love it if I watched it with him. I just have never gotten into it! I vow that if my boys decide to play I will become a football mom!!
So yesterday in the BLAZING heat of this crazy state of Michigan, I got to photograph the star quarterback for a local school. Mr. "B" was as nice as could be and tolerated me telling him what to do lol.
We both were not a pretty site after a few hours in the heat!
I really enjoyed getting to know him though, he is a pretty smart guy and has a great family supporting him too. So between the baseball field, football field and some other locations, we got some pretty darn good shots in the heat! I hope you like your sneak peeks Mr."B"!

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